Get Involved

Public participation is an essential component in collecting sea trout samples & biological data for this project. Angling clubs and individuals, primarily on the 25 priority systems, have been targeted by the project team to provide these data. Experienced commercial netsmen (existing and retired) are being engaged to sample in estuaries and the wider marine environment.

Anglers have been requested to provide an unbiased rod catch sample extending over the entire angling season comprising:

  • 150 sets of scale samples per annum in 2010 and 2011 from each targeted river
  • all relevant capture details include forklength (mm) and weight (g) as per scale packet

Commercial fishers (in the UK only) will be requested to take scale samples and other details from their catch and record these data on specially designed CSTP scale packets.

Collecting scale samples

Find out more about how you can help the Celtic Sea Trout Project by collecting sea trout scale samples… …Get Involved: Collecting sea trout scale samples