Useful Links

In this section, you will find useful links that may be of interest to you. These links include topics from how to help protect and improve the environment, to conservation and improvement of wild salmon and sea trout fish stocks, and investigating the population and species diversity of aquatic animals. The selected websites were choosen based on their relevance and importance with relation to the Celtic Sea Trout Project.

Environment Agency (UK)

Executive Non-departmental Public Body, who’s principal aims are to protect and improve the environment, and to promote sustainable development. They play a central role in delivering the environmental priorities of central government and the Welsh Government.

Afonydd Cymru

Afonydd Cymru is an umbrella organisation to represent member Rivers Trusts across Wales. It works in partnership with the Welsh Assembly Government, Environment Agency Wales, the Countryside Council for Wales, other organisations and local communities to improve the aquatic environment in Wales.

Campaign for the Protection of Welsh Fisheries

The aim of the Campaign is to seek the proper and adequate protection of all Welsh fisheries, be they situated in the seas around our coast, in the rivers and streams that flow into that sea or landlocked lakes and ponds.

Atlantic Salmon Trust

The Atlantic Salmon Trust is a UK based charity with Atlantic wide interests which champions the wild salmon and sea trout – it does not represent any other interests or body, only the fish themselves. The Trust address concerns many people have about the decline of fish stocks, as well as the need for practical research into the problems that have become apparent.

Salmon and Trout Association

The Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) is a company limited by guarantee which was granted charitable status in March 2008. We address all issues relevant to fisheries legislation and regulation, together with environmental and species management and conservation.

The Wild Trout Trust

The Wild Trout Trust are a conservation charity that focuses on practical work to improve habitat for trout across the UK and Ireland. They have a big impact because they work with grass roots organisations (fishing clubs, local community and conservation groups) and landowners to give them the inspiration, advice and practical skills to improve and maintain their lake or river for the benefit of trout and all wildlife.

The Rivers Trust

The main aims of The Rivers Trust are to co-ordinate, represent and develop the aims and interests of the member Trusts in the promotion of sustainable, holistic and integrated catchment management and sound environmental practices, recognising the wider economic benefits for local communities and the value of education. Rivers trusts represent catchments across a large part of England and Wales and new ones are continually forming.

Inland Fisheries Ireland

To ensure the valuable natural resources of Inland Fisheries and Sea Angling are conserved, managed, developed and promoted in their own right to generate a positive return for the community and the environment within the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Laboratory

The Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Laboratory represents one of Europe’s largest centres focusing on population and species diversity of aquatic animals, with additional activities on terrestrial mammals and invertebrates.